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The sleek and stylish MokaVistaTM is a modern take on the stovetop Espresso maker, an icon of Italian design and the definitive way of brewing coffee at home since the 1930s.

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Aerolatte Mokavista 9 Cup

As much as we love the coffee-making classics, one problem with traditional Moka pots is not knowing when the coffee has finished brewing.
You might have struggled with this yourself, waiting until you can hear the coffee spluttering for it to be done (by which time it’s over-extracted) or constantly lifting the lid to ‘see’ and burning your fingers in the process.

Determined to fix this, the Aerolatte MokaVistaTM features some modern innovations.
One simple but brilliant tweak was to add a viewing window to the Moka pot lid.
This enables you to see the coffee brewing and remove it from the heat as the coffee begins to pour through into the top portion of the Moka pot.
The heat built up in the pot will continue the brewing process without burning or boiling the coffee.
This is the secret to a perfect cup of Espresso.

Note: The MokaVistaTM is suitable for use on all hobs and heat sources, except induction hobs.

Tips for Espresso making:
The consistency and size of the coffee grind will make a huge difference to the flavor you extract.
The more coarse your grind, the softer and more subtle your coffee; the finer the grind, the more body and texture to savour and enjoy.
Slowly pour your delicious espresso into an Espresso cup, tilted to one side to enable a smooth gentle pouring retaining the beautiful crema.
Denoting quality and freshness, the crema retains and holds the flavor of the coffee in the water below.

– Stylish adaptation of the original Italian Moka pot that was created in the 1930s
– Smooth edges and round base provide a contemporary feel to a classic product
– 495 ml capacity – ideal for making up to 9 cups of espresso-style coffee at home
– Fill-line within the base ensures that the correct quantity of water is added
– Heavy-duty aluminium gauge (3.5-4 mm) provides general robustness and ensures optimal
generation/retention of heat and correct water temperature
– Window within the lid allows the brewing process to be monitored without the loss of heat

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495 ml

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