Classic Kettle 1.6L with Max Line Azure Blue

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lassic Kettle 1.6L with Max Line Azure Blue

At home in both traditional and contemporary kitchens, this fresh take on a classic design maintains the styling of an antique with elements of modern technology, like a unique bracketed handle for added control and safety when pouring hot water.

Bring traditional style to your kitchen with this classic kettle that whistles when your water’s ready.
An extra-strong induction suitable bottom means your water heats up fast, while an ergonomic, heat-resistant handle makes for safe, easy pouring.
Crafted from enameled steel, it adds a vibrant pop of color to your home.

– Crafted from premium carbon steel and finished with a vibrant enamel
– Generous base size for quick and efficient heating
– Single-tone whistle alerts when water has reached a rolling boil
– Fixed whistle can be easily flipped open for pouring
– Heat-resistant, ergonomic handles with brackets for secure handling

Before first use
Remove all packaging and labels. Remove the lid and fill the kettle with clean water. Allow to boil, then discard this water.

Using your kettle
Never heat an empty kettle. Ensure the lid is firmly in place and that the kettle matches the hob heat zone it is to be used on. Do not leave your kettle unattended nor allow it to boil dry, as this will damage it. Allow the kettle to cool thoroughly before refilling.

Hand wash your kettle after each use with a neutral detergent. Never use abrasive scrubbers or detergents as they could damage the surface. Done? Dry your kettle thoroughly to prevent mineral deposits.

Where do I fill my kettle up to?
When filling the kettle, only fill water above the first layer of holes on the interior of the spout (see diagram in the Care & Use booklet accompanying purchase, for more information). Failing to do so may force boiling water or steam out of the spout, potentially causing burns or injuries.

Will the black handles stay cool to the touch?
The black handles will stay cool when boiling small amounts of water. For longer uses, we recommend using an oven mitt or tea towel when handling the kettle.

Why does water spill when I pour from the kettle?
Wait a moment for the boiling to stop, then make sure you’ve flipped open the whistle before pouring. Also, do not tip the kettle upside down when pouring.

What is the best way to open my kettle?
It is possible to adjust the fit of the lid to the kettle by using the kettle knob and the screw on the underside of the lid. A slight turn will adjust the position of the lid liner so that the lid fit can be made a little tighter or looser. Take care to not over tighten or loosen the knob; the knob must remain securely attached, and the lid firmly in place.

How do I clean my kettle?
To clean, simply hand-wash the kettle with hot, soapy water and dry thoroughly. A gentle kettle de-scaler may be used periodically if required. Never place in the dishwasher.

How often do I need to empty my kettle?
To protect against the build-up of limescale, always empty the kettle after each use.

What is limescale and how do I remove it?
Over time, limescale deposits may build up on the interior of the kettle when used in hard water areas. A gentle, proprietary de-scaler may be used periodically if required, in accordance with manufacturers’ instructions.

What are some other tips for keeping my kettle in pristine condition?
Clean your kettle after each use – hand washing it with a neutral detergent. Once washed, be sure to dry your kettle thoroughly and store in a dry place. Avoid repeated knocks on the hob or hard surfaces as this may damage the enamel.

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Dishwasher Safe


Microwave Safe



Carbon Steel, Enamel




1600 ml

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