Sistema Large Microwave Steamer 3.2L

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Sistema® Plastics design innovative, high-quality, durable, functional and versatile food storage containers, lunch boxes, drink bottles, microwave products and home organization solutions.
So, whether you need a colorful and practical lunch box for back to school, a reusable drink bottle to keep you hydrated, you are looking for a clever meal prep container or you want to get your kitchen and pantry Insta worthy.
Sistema® has a solution that will inspire you!.

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istema Large Microwave Steamer 3.2L

The Sistema® Microwave™ Steamer has been specifically designed for steaming vegetables, fish and poultry. Just add water to the base, add your ingredients to the steaming basket and close the distinctive Sistema® easy-locking clips. Open the steam vent, and cook or reheat.

Steam release vent in the lid for splatter-free heating.
Removable steamer basket.
Convenient easy-lift tabs make it simple to transport from microwave to bench.

Care and Use:
Remove all labels/packaging and wash before use.
Sistema® Microwave™ containers can be used in a microwave (with vent open), refrigerator, or freezer.
Sistema® Microwave™ containers are safe for normal household dishwashers (top rack only). Ensure the containers are secure on the top rack, this prevents them from contacting the heating element and avoids melting.
Warm soapy water can also be used to wash the containers.
Do not use abrasive cleaners or scrubbers as they may cause dullness to the finish.
Do not use utensils with sharp edges (e.g., knives) in the container. They could scratch or scuff the container surface.

Follow the recommended food storage directions, use, or heating instructions, based on the knowledge about the food or the information on the food label. Also follow the microwave manufacturer’s recommendation when defrosting or reheating foods.
Before microwaving, put the lid on the container to prevent food splatters and CLICK THE VENT OPEN.
This releases steam during heating.
When reheating food, microwave in short 1–2-minute intervals to avoid overheating.
After removing the container from the microwave, leave the vent open while the food is hot.
To avoid hot steam burning hands or face, open lid away from you.

Sistema® Microwave™ containers are safe for freezer use.
If storing the container in the fridge or freezer, close the vent.
Foods containing water expand when frozen. Leave sufficient space in container when freezing to allow for expansion.
Containers can become stiff after freezing. Allow the container to rest for a few minutes at room temperature or run under warm water before opening or microwaving.
Always make sure the steam vent is set to open when defrosting.

To prevent staining and blistering, avoid heating foods like tomato-based sauces, beetroot, curries, food seasoned with the herb turmeric, or foods with high fat or high sugar content.
Reheating and/or melting butter or foods high in salt, oil, fat or sugar content (i.e. chocolate, candies, syrup) could lead to severe damage and potentially melt the container.
Do not use for popping corn.
Avoid using plastic wrap on or inside the container during microwave use. The plastic wrap could heat, melt, and adhere to the container walls.
As this product is not leak-proof, extra care must be observed when transporting food that contains any form of liquid.

CAUTION: Open vent when in the microwave to avoid dangerous steam build-up. Do not use in a conventional oven, on a hot plate, under the grill, on the stove top, or in convection microwave oven using convection settings.
Use care when handling a container with hot contents or after reheating in the microwave.

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Weight 0.418 kg
Dimensions 23.8 × 23.8 × 10.5 cm
Dishwasher Safe


Microwave Safe



BPA Free Plastic, High Quality Food Safe


Clear, Red


3200 ml


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